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All the food that’s fit to print

The future just got a little closer. A 3D printer that could print food for astronauts on missions has come out with a functional prototype. It’s a giant step in the evolution of printing  food, but the space is quickly heating up.

Anjan’s Contractor won the NASA grant last year to develop a printer to be used in outer space.

The pizza is printed out in layers (see video below) with the final product taking only 70 seconds to cook. The “food cartridges” apparently last for 30 years.  The technology would mean astronauts can eat fast food in space,  having relied on freeze dried and canned food until now.

The news comes not long after Hershey’s entered into a multi-year joint venture development agreement with a 3D printing company to explore opportunities in printing confectionery treats.

Its JV partner, 3D Systems, only just showcased its ChefJet 3D printer at the global consumer technology trade show CES. The ChefJet 3D is designed to create custom confectionery, cake toppers and edible novelties.

It  will come in two formats — the ChefJet, which will deliver single-colour edible prints, and the ChefJet Pro, which will deliver full colour prints. The Company said the printers will be available later in 2014.

It joins the race to market with the Natural Machine’s Foodini ($1,400), to launch later this year, that can make many kinds of food. Foodini, makes fresh pasta  just a “click” away. Mashable explains how it works:

“Prepare the dough and the filling, load them into the machine’s food ‘capsules’ and select ‘ravioli’ on the printer’s iPad-like interface. Foodini will then print the ingredients in the shape of fully-formed ravioli, and the only thing left to do is cook them.”

It’s also able to produce nuggets and pizza.

– Thanks,  Asset Invest.